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Save Hayling Petition Update!

Save Hayling Petition Update: Currently the Online Petition has reached 2779 and the Manual Petition 1121 so if you haven't already signed, please make every effort to sign up yourself and encourage others to do the same. Let's push it towards 5000! It's hoped to present it at the Full Council Meeting December 7th when we all want to hear how our Councillors vote! Places to sign....Terracotta Pot Shop, Daron Ford Motors, Eastoke Florist, Lions Shop, Bentley Walker, Ruby's Tea, Lifeboat Pub, Alan Ray Butcher, Chives, Hayling Hardware, News Boutique, West Town Community Centre, Identity Hair, both Heidi's, Yew Tree Pub, Meadow Farm Nursery....support Hayling and sign!

Cabinet Meeting: Insight

The following is an observer's view of last Wednesday's important Meeting. Meetings reveal much of their participants as well as final decisions taken. There is still work to do if we are to send the massive national house-building programme back to the Government for a re-think: let's see democracy in action! Deputations in order of appearance: Rosie Law (SWHayling spokesperson), made strong presentation for the permanent removal of site UE18 (area bordered by North Shore Rd., Sinah Lane and Hayling Billy Trail) for known environmental and sustainability reasons. Sue Holt (Friends of the Earth), made a strong case for HBC to be 'innovative and courageous' in protecting our green spaces. M

BT 'under-used' Kiosks Closure

A Planning Enquiry Officer for Havant Borough Council has informed us of BT's planned closure of 12 kiosk closures in Havant Borough, including 2 on Hayling, details of which below. The public have 42 days to respond to HBC office, as provided below, by 6th February 2017, in an overall consultation period of 90 days. Today we learned from Hayling Community Responders that Hayling's kiosks would be ideal locations for the siting of Defribillators but at this stage the matter has to be investigated further. These are the proposed sites: * Outside Jubilee House, Victoria Road, Emsworth * Junction of Elizabeth Road and opposite 40 Coates Way, Waterlooville * Milton Roa

Support Your Island

Next Stage: Tomorrow, Wednesday November 16th at 6 pm, Havant Borough Council Cabinet meets to decide whether or not to accept their Planning Officers' Draft Housing Plan Statement prior to its presentation on December 7th at the Full Council. We understand that Hayling's two proposed sites, Rook Farm field and the field site north of Sinah Lane, behind North Shore Rd., have been, at least temporarily, removed from the Statement pending an infrastructure review. If you wish to attend the Cabinet meeting as an observer and to hear any Deputations being made (there are at least three), please be aware that you will need to arrive early to ensure parking and/or a chair in the gallery. May we

Sunday November 13th 11a.m.

Please be aware of a Wreath Laying Ceremony taking place at the Copp Memorial, Seafront at the above date and time. Everyone welcome.

Draft Local Plan's Effect on Chichester Harbour: Public Consultation

The public have from Thursday November 10th to Thursday December 22nd to comment on Havant Borough and Chichester District Councils' joint Draft Supplementary Planning Document that provides guidance for development proposals in the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The document will support the implementation of local planning policy in both districts and ensure consistency of approach across the AONB. For all information and to view the document, please contact either: www.havant.gov.uk/chichesterharbourspd or view it at Havant Plaza. Chichester is coordinating the consultation so paper copies are available for a charge by phoning 01243 785166 or emailing plann

Drilling at Markwells Wood, National Park

HIRA received this message on our site today. If you wish to follow it up then please contact the person responsible named below. Please note: a South Downs National Park website describes the application to drill in Markwells Wood as not fracking so I suggest that you make your own enquiries if interested. It is included on our site in case there are found to be links with our water supply. Name Fiona Charlesworth Subject Oil drilling in Markwells Wood,Forestside Message: I don't know if those living on Hayling know about the proposed oil drilling in Markwells Wood, Forestside (a couple of miles from Rowlands Castle)? The main worry for Hayling islanders is the pollution of the water (the

Your Island Needs You!

Every one of us needs to encourage Havant BC to pause development pending an infrastructure review. This is what you, your friends and family on Hayling can do now to help the SAVEHAYLING campaign: 1. Contact HIRA using this site's Contact form or hello@haylingresidentsassociation.co.uk offering to deliver what A5 leaflets you can and which roads. We must get the message to as many as possible. We can tell you where & when to collect them. 2. Collect the single sided A4 flyer from Bentley Walker's shop from today & post it in your front window - especially if you have a front garden. IMPORTANT UPDATE: today HBC put back the November 16th Cabinet time to 6:00pm so spread the word please!

Anger over Draft Local Plan

Deadline Looms for Housing Decision November 16th October’s Public Meeting - funded entirely by HIRA members’ annual subscriptions – that gave Hayling residents the chance to hear and question Alan Mak MP and Andrew Biltcliffe Head of Planning, brought out over 200 residents. Whilst we were very glad that so many people were taking advantage of an opportunity to publicly question our elected representative and tax-payer funded Council representative on typically local matters, the anger expressed by so many in the audience certainly supported the need for such a Meeting. The clear focus was the impact of the July published Draft Local Housing Plan Statement that will take us to 2036. Befor

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