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Detailed Rook Farm Refusal

On April 25th were added Officer Reports on Rook Farm's Habitat Regulation Assessment and an excerpt is provided below. Please note the importance, which some of us gave in our own comments, of Conservation and species' habitats here on Hayling and particularly as yet undeveloped farm land. Please see either https://planningpublicaccess.havant.gov.uk/online-applications/ and type in Rook Farm, then click on the first entry 'Outline Planning ......' Rook Farm, then Documents or https://planningpublicaccess.havant.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=DCAPR_239752 If these appear not to work, the usual Havant.gov then Planning, View Planning, enter Rook

HIRA's Hustings: Report

Please find below our report on last Friday's Hustings Public Meeting in case you were unable to be there. Committee members also present agreed it is a fair account and it is vital that we are all well informed about our candidates' responses to local questions prior to voting. Please note: Candidates' names only have been given. It is important to note that Hayling has only 1 County Council representative and we trust that they will put Hayling residents first at County level. The HIRA hosted County Election Hustings drew an audience of about 90, similar to HIRA'S 2015 General Election Hustings. All the 5 candidates attending worked hard to provide answers but there was a sharp differe

County Election Hustings!

On this Friday April 21st 7:30 pm sharp at Hayling Island Community Centre, Station Road, West Town, HIRA are holding a Hustings for Hayling Island's representative on Hampshire County Council. Five of the six candidates have agreed to attend so that residents can meet them, listen to what they have to say about their platform and ask them questions. The full list of candidates is on Hantsweb online site, type in Elections in the search bar, then click on 2017 Hampshire CC Elections and then click on Havant under Persons Nominated and scroll down to find Hayling Island candidates. In alphabetical order those who have agreed to attend our Hustings are: Coates, Richard UKIP Earnshaw

Rook Farm Decision!

Havant Borough Council's decision is now in and it is important to read the reasons for its refusal. We all need to be aware of the factors that the Planning Officers have had to consider in arriving at their decision. Please look under Havant Borough Council, Planning, View Planning Applications, Rook Farm or this link should take you there: https://planningpublicaccess.havant.gov.uk/online-applications/files/CD1D5A845D3CC6D1A93DC60BD3583A2C/pdf/APP_17_00007-DECISION_NOTICE-1031423.pdf

Fathoms Reach Concerns

Some residents of Fathoms Reach expressed concerns to HIRA about other residents being approached to sell their homes to a developer in order for the latter to put in a planning application for the, currently, 'open' land behind Fathoms Reach. Havant BC Planning Services have now answered my two questions below, which pivot around local residents' understanding - when they were sold their properties on Fathoms Reach - that the land behind had to remain 'open'. I am posting the Council's response to our email hello@haylingresidentsassociation.co.uk so that those concerned about this issue can read it. The Council Officer did not state that the information is confidential. What were the o

New A3023 Layout Langstone

Hayling commuters might be interested in Havant Borough Council's approved and planned work in the following section of the A3023 through Langstone. Please direct any comments, concerns that you may have to Havant BC Civil Engineering Team Leader, cc hello@haylingresidentsassociation.co.uk for our information. The following is taken directly from their email dated April 5th 2017 to Langstone Residents' Association, information from which the recipients could circulate as they 'see fit'. "...the scheme includes improvements to the merge of southbound traffic from 2 lanes into 1, improvements to right turning traffic into and out of Langbrook Close, and the provision of a yellow box juncti

Target Speeding

If you subscribe to Hampshire Alerts https://www.hampshirealert.co.uk/ you already know about this, but for those who don't, you might be interested in the following which is taken directly from their email to subscribers today. Please note that any references to 'I' & 'we' relate to the author, PCSO 16314 Heather Wright for Hampshire Police, as this is their community messaging service, and if you wish to respond in any way, please do so directly to the email given below: [PCSO 16314 Heather Wright] responded to as many people as I could and we now have a small team of volunteers signed up ready and waiting to help out! I am in discussion with them as to where they would like to target sp

Fathoms Reach

Residents in Fathoms Reach reported last week that a selected number of houses along that road have been made offers in excess of their properties' current value by a housing developer, who needs to bulldoze those properties in order to gain access to land behind them. What is shocking the residents who have reported this, is that, when they bought their Fathoms Reach homes not so long ago, they were told that the then developer was not allowed to develop the land immediately behind them. This gave them, as future home owners, the assurance that this land would remain 'open land' i.e. undeveloped, not built on. For what reason did Havant Borough Council Planning Officers prevent the then d

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