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Draft Local Plan Latest

Monday's Cabinet Meeting approved the Draft Local Plan going to public consultation from January 8th to February 16th. Summary assessments of the proceedings and outcomes by HIRA's and WDRA's (Warblington & Denvilles Res Assocn) Committee members, who were present, are as follows: * probably no more than 20 people attended in the much extended public gallery; but this may be because of an unsuitable timing so close to Christmas plus the public's increasingly jaundiced perception of a 'fait accompli'. * Langstone Res Assocn's David Pattenden and Save Our Island's Dave Parham were 2 of the 4 Deputations, and both addressed the A3023 limitations for any further development and certainly on th

Lidl Outcome

Many of you may know that approval was given at the beginning of December for Lidl to be built on the field adjacent to Manor Road and the roundabout. This is a brief summary of the proceedings and outcome: * There were about 30 in the public gallery. * Although the Chairman opened with the declaration that Lidl's petition would be disregarded as too late, Lidl's experienced (11 years) representative's exposition included waving the 3,999 petition stating it was the largest ever for Lidl. * 2 Councillors spoke against, all others for. * Unanimous permission applauded by the public. * Police Traffic concerns were addressed by suggesting widening the road, creating a central lane for e

Misleading Transport Survey

Both Langstone and Hayling representatives on Hayling's Infrastructure Advisory Board have expressed serious concerns about both the quality and accuracy of Havant Borough Council's current Transport Survey. Both HIRA members and non-members alike have submitted to the Board's Chairman Cllr. Wilson and the responsible Council Officers, their detailed, well-founded reasons as to why this Survey should be immediately taken out of circulation; but Andrew Biltcliffe, Head of HBC Planning has replied that he plans to leave it 'as is'. His views include that its 'did you know' "facts are true, ... they can be analysed in various ways". However, as has been pointed out to him repeatedly by resi

Explosive News!

Rosie Law of SWHayling group notified all Hayling's Infrastructure Advisory Group members that include elected Councillors, Council Officers and Hayling and Langstone Residents' representatives, just last week that someone has put explosive bird scarers in the land of site H34C, which includes UE18 (Sinah Field proposed Development site), where the protected Brent Geese have been foraging. On 1st December 2017 Rosie and others were able to send clear videos to Havant Borough Council for Lewis Ford to take up further with David Hayward and other ‘enforcers’ when he returns to the office on Monday. Debbie Whitfield at Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust has given relevant advice and r

Goldring: CIL latest

Readers may be surprised that the 2013 Goldring Development's Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), a charge introduced in the Planning Act 2008, on developments that is intended to provide money to develope the local community's infrastructure, is still being planned. My inquiries have resulted in the following response from Havant Borough Council, including a link to their website which enables the public to follow progress of this money's spending: "UPDATE: the gateway has now been approved by HCC [Hampshire County Council] so we have moved into detailed design stage; the present timetable is to agree final designs by Easter 2018 for staged implementation between August and December 2018.

Is no-one listening?

There is deepening cynicism amongst residents involved with both local Infrastructure and proposed development ‘Consultations’ run by Havant Borough Council and, effectively, overseen by Councillors. November’s Sinah Lane, packed, Development Consultation Forum demonstrated local residents’ opposition to Barratt’s proposal as 3 speakers’ arguments against it were strongly applauded. Despite Barratt’s pre-planning discussions with Council Planners and their own detailed surveys, their representatives expressed too much surprise at the well-founded criticisms made. We were left with the impression that our serious concerns were neither understood nor valued. We were also informed that Hay

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