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Hayling Park:Consultation

Wicksteed Contractors for Havant Borough Council's Play Parks for Hayling, will hold 2 Consultations at Hayling's Community Centre, West Town: Tuesdays 5 pm - 7 pm May 1st & May 8th Consultation Questionnaires are already at the Centre's Reception but they must be completed & brought back to either one of the Consultation sessions. Hayling's Community Centre is only hosting this event and displays posters depicting the suggested format.

Hustings Summary

For those of you unable to make Wednesday evening's Hustings, I provide you, below, with a summary - agreed by other Committee members who had attended the Meeting - of the main questions put, and some idea of the strength of feelings expressed during the evening. We started, as usual, promptly and questions continued until I stopped the Meeting, as promised at the latest time of 9:40. Thereafter many people continued to talk over the refreshments provided. The number and range of questions asked indicated just how significant the evening was for the audience; listening to candidates present themselves, their platform and then whether or not they answer our questions is truly essential wh

Hustings:April 25th!

Election Hustings for Hayling East and West Councillors to be held at United Reformed Church Main Hall for 7:30 pm prompt start on Wednesday April 25th. Please hand in your questions, preferably with your name in case you wish to put the question yourself, at the door. Questions will be taken from the floor once pre-written ones taken. Refreshments afterwards. Listen to the candidates, who represent different political parties, and put your questions.

HBC Policy: Wildlife vs Development

Editor's Note: The following is an explanation - in response to inquiries - of the measures taken by the Council to prevent harm to wildlife as a result of development. Please note that it is very important for everyone to photograph and otherwise keep track of their local wildlife and to make this known to either Bird Aware Solent and/or Natural England as HBC refers to these organizations. For further inquiries please contact HBC Planning Team as per below. Explanation from David Hayward: You’re absolutely right that Havant Borough Council is a member of Bird Aware Solent. As Cllr Pike says, this partnership was formed to make sure that there would not be any collective harm from increas

A3023: Updated Review

A3023 Fact Sheet from Hayling Island Residents’ Association (HIRA) Introduction This note is provided for general information so people can understand more clearly the facts relating to this main Hayling artery. We base our view of the importance of this document on the fact that, in the worst case scenario, Hayling could be subject to 1600 more houses over the foreseeable future, a rise of 20%, with a commensurate increase in traffic flow of the same amount. All the information contained here has been obtained from Hampshire CC or Highways’ Agency (HA) sources unless otherwise indicated. This note relates to that part of the route between Langstone Bridge and Church Road. This section is ab

CIL Funds:Lack of Action

From a recent Havant Borough Council meeting, HIRA learned that Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) moneys paid to HBC by a local Developer have still not been spent. Moreover unless it is spent, the CIL moneys must be returned to the Developer. This would undermine all confidence in a Government system, effected from April 2010, to fund “a wide range of infrastructure...needed as a result of development. This includes new or safer road schemes, flood defences, schools, hospitals and other health and social care facilities, park improvements, green spaces and leisure centres.” According to the UK Government CIL Overview (published November 2010) it is “fairer, faster...more transparent”

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