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Aqua/Learning Centre Update

Progress update on the Aqua/Learning Centre Project I am very pleased to be able to tell you that I met with Senior Havant Borough Council Officials on Wednesday16 May. A viability and feasibility study will be undertaken over the next few weeks in respect of the Aqua Dome/Learning Centre project. If successful, this will be followed by consultants tasked by HBC to consider the project as a whole and they would report back by the end of the third quarter this year. It is because of the strong support by residents for the concept of the Aqua Dome/Learning Centre that the feasibility and viability of the project is being actively considered. The Aqua Dome Project is likely to be raised at th

All Purpose Project!

This winter’s lengthy icy then very wet months makes it imperative for Havant Borough Council to take seriously Wendy Coates’ proposed Aqua Dome. It ticks every box for the real meanings of sustainability that go beyond only private commercial profitability. This is a project that would leave all our residents – not only visitors – with a tangible healthy all year round resort. For those who have not yet studied the Aqua Dome proposals which, of course, would need to be fine tuned depending upon finance available and practicality, the details can be found on HIRA’s website www.haylingresidentsassociation.co.uk. Scroll down the opening page and click on ‘Find out more’ where details of pro

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