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Online Questionnaire

The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership are working as part of Havant Borough Council, to carry out an economic footprint study for Hayling Island. Working with professional consultants AECOM, they have developed a short questionnaire to help understand both the direct and indirect impacts of coastal flooding and erosion on Hayling Island and the wider borough economy. The majority of Hayling Island is low-lying, with a history of serious flood incidents. There are a variety of different coastal defences around the island, of which a high proportion have a low residual life without further maintenance, varying in condition from ‘poor to good’. The outputs of this survey will be used to ident

Coastal Engineer Answers Hayling Questions

Adam Sennitt of Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership answered an Islander's questions regarding Hayling's coastline management. Adam presented at our February 27th Public Meeting on Flood Risk and Coastline Erosion on Hayling. ESCP have an online questionnaire for residents, either contact HIRA or follow the link on this website's next Latest News: deadline for completion Monday April 15th. 1.What type of organisation are you? Not for profit? Charitable? Profit making? Council? How are you funded? By council tax? The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership formed in 2012 and consists of an alliance between Fareham Borough Council, Gosport Borough Council, Portsmouth City Council and Havant Bor

Local Plan Info

The following are the Next Steps regarding the Pre-Submission Local Plan 2036: So what next? Havant Borough Local Plan 2036 Next Steps are, in summary: Havant Borough Council Planning Officers are required by planning law to submit the representations/comments received and a Summary Report of the main issues raised through the Pre-Submission consultation, together with a copy of the Local Plan, Policies Map and Evidence Base documents to the Inspector. This is scheduled to take place during the third Quarter (July- September) of 2019. The Planning Officers' Summary of Main Issues will help to inform the format and the subject of Hearings that will be held by the Inspector from the end of 20

Billy Trail 'lake'

Just this week a local resident photographed a small 'lake' (picture available from HIRA) alongside the Billy Trail and sent its photo together with the following comments to Cllr. Wilson, requesting urgent action to ensure that those responsible dealt with this threat to Hayling's Billy Trail: "A few weeks ago I sent you an email regarding the erosion from the harbour side [of the Billy Trail]. The picture taken [March 21st] shows the lake formed on the landward side, its level is near the top of the bank that supports the Billy Trail. The lake is well above the height of the harbour and it appears to be unable to drain. I expect if it rises any more it will wash away the Trail. The dra

Supreme Court on Consultations

Given the high level of dissatisfaction with HBC’s online forms, its late supply of an alternative online doc, its failure to leave its paper forms in open view at at least 2 of its Exhibitions (Hayling & Leigh Park), this Supreme Court finding in the link below makes for interesting reading. Havant Borough Council's Planning Officer, David Hayward, has stated that his office has gone beyond legislation/statutory requirements for the Council to do re consulting opportunities, but their reliance on the internet, and only checking one online format - before eventually providing an alternative Word.doc format - continues to be of concern to all those who do not, for whatever reason, use the in

New online Local Plan:Comment Form

We’ve had a number of comments from yourselves [residents] over the weekend and in the past couple of days regarding the consultation form and how to respond to the current consultation. Particularly those that came in over the weekend did raise a legitimate point that people are perhaps unfamiliar with interactive pdfs. The reason for using an interactive pdf is that it is a universal file format, so it would work on virtually all permutations of operating systems and software. It also is a means whereby the format of the form cannot be altered by those filling it in which makes sure that everything is clear. This means that those using Apple systems would be able to use it. Paper copies of

Hayling Coastline & Form Completion

Deadline for Local Plan Comments is March 18th 5pm. In response to Havant Residents' Alliance concerns re residents' problems accessing/saving/using Adobe Acrobat, Reader or other methods (eg Safari, Firefox for tablets or Apple) to save & complete the Council's Form, Planning Officer David Hayward replied that his offices had very few comments received, the online Form had been signed off with Cllrs. Turner & Bowerman as the relevant Cabinet Leads, that the Council has exceeded its minimal requirements under Regulation 18 (Local Planning consulations for Pre-Submission Local Plan), there are paper copies available from HBC, they've provided guidance online & as a booklet, & if comments are

Have Your Say!

March 18th is the deadline for public comments on Havant Borough Council’s Pre-Submission Local Plan to 2036. HIRA has published information to help its members and the public to understand the legal jargon and to navigate their way to the important Evidence Base page on the Local Plan’s website. However, members of Havant Borough’s Residents’ Associations express real concern about the difficulties even internet savvy individuals experienced in completing the HBC designed Form online. Worryingly, HBC publications emphasize this method but, in contrast, other Councils nationally make clear the choice of submitting responses by email, letter or by the form provided. An HBC Officer admitte

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