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Developers' Funds for Hayling

A Freedom of Information re how CIL moneys have been spent on Hayling was made by a HIRA Committee member April 12th 2019. CIL stands for Community Infrastructure Levy [financial charge/remuneration] on Developers for Council/the public's use - however it does not have to be spent even within the Borough. The Council's April 12th response is below. Note: 40 days within which to respond to the Council if you've any views or complaints. [Havant Borough Council] CIL Annual Monitoring figures as a whole can be viewed on our website, the table below details CIL receipts particularly in respect of Hayling Island for each year. NOTE: Please contact HIRA via our website Contact Form for the 2019

Register Footpaths!

Apparently there will be a new, June, published national Footpath map and if the ones you use are not listed then they cease to be so acknowledged. Apparently it takes 20 years for a footpath to become established. The only sources I've found for the means by which the public can make submission or inquiries are as follows: Open Spaces https://www.oss.org.uk/need-to-know-more/ & hq@oss.org.uk Ramblers Association https://www.ramblers.org.uk/advice/improve-the-path-network/how-to-claim-an-unrecorded-right-of-way.aspx Hampshire Rights of Way online provides an interactive map to identify paths. Please make your own further inquiries and let us know via our Contact Form if there is a better

Tree Wardens

Havant Borough Tree Wardens now have their own website where you can read about their work and how you can help our Borough preserve and grow on more trees to benefit everyone. You can also freely subscribe to their newsletters. One Hayling task: "Hedge Planting on the Hayling Billy Trail We had four work parties during March to plant a mixture of 135 native species whips in gaps and to weed around some of the trees planted last year. We were pleased to see new elm growth along the hedge line as well as some larger elm trees. Ten volunteers worked a total of 64 hours..." Go to their website for more information: https://groups.tcv.org.uk/havantboroughtreewardens/

Hayling Hustings!

Thanks to enthusiastic Committee members & a most helpful URC Booking Agent we have, at short notice, a Local Election Hustings booked as follows: URC Main Hall, Friday April 26th 7:15pm for prompt 7:30 pm start. Posters going up once created/printed probably this Saturday/week-end but please do ALL you can to advertise/spread the word on FB, to friends, neighbours, other organizations. As a few of you will know from our Feb. meeting, if we are over-full, we will refuse entry so be early if you are keen to come. As before, bring your questions, hand in a copy on entry with your eg first name if you want to ask it yourself, otherwise of course we'll take questions from the floor once those


An increasing number of Hayling Infrastructure Advisory Group residents are calling for a meeting with Havant Borough Council & Hampshire County Council to explore the very urgent need for a proper Transport Assessment - as promised by the Satchwell Amendment, of which we've heard nothing since its acceptance at full Havant Borough Council 30-01-19. I attach a copy of correspondence we've received re already increased A3023/A27 traffic - of concern as we are not yet into summer/fine weather traffic loads. We'll let you know of any developments on this subject but again, please do email/write in to your Councillors, cc HIRA, or just let us know of any replies. Silence, for many Councils/Co

Street Lights: Switch Off!

Hampshire County Council (HCC) has made the decision, following an October 2018 public consultation, to save approximately £247,000 by switching off street lights from 0100-0400 through the week. Having checked with HCC I can advise that this excludes: all town centres, main (A, B, C category) roads, roads near railway stations, side roads adjacent to 6 signal junctions, pedestrian crossings, roads that have fatal accident history and roads where police advise that lights must be left on for safety reasons. My and other Committee members' views on this are as follows: there is a risk that neighbourhoods may experience increased crime eg burglaries following this decision despite HCC claiming

April Islander

Many residents across the Borough including Hayling have been left angry and frustrated after failed efforts to provide their Comments online for the Council’s Pre-Submission Local Plan 2036. Many describe themselves as feeling disenfranchised because of the complicated process worsened by the Council’s explicit preference for only using its online Form. A Council Officer wrote that they have gone beyond what is legally required of them by legislation. Does this mean that current legislation is not helping local people when it comes to Consultations that affect so many? Residents came for the practical help offered at HIRA’s February Public Meeting, and up until March 18th, both HIRA and

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