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All Purpose Project!

This winter’s lengthy icy then very wet months makes it imperative for Havant Borough Council to take seriously Wendy Coates’ proposed Aqua Dome. It ticks every box for the real meanings of sustainability that go beyond only private commercial profitability. This is a project that would leave all our residents – not only visitors – with a tangible healthy all year round resort.

For those who have not yet studied the Aqua Dome proposals which, of course, would need to be fine tuned depending upon finance available and practicality, the details can be found on HIRA’s website Scroll down the opening page and click on ‘Find out more’ where details of proposed facilities and funding can be viewed. Please take a moment to answer the simple form - which goes straight to Wendy who is spear-heading this project – letting her know your thoughts about the scheme.

What is its purpose? The Council own beach side land on the south shore which they want to ‘regenerate’ according to the Local Plan. An outline of this location is included in the Aqua Dome details. Private dwellings have already been allocated nearby should Funlands close, cutting off more of the beach from the public. Since the Council is determined to build, why not make it available to all ages for all weather re-creation? Salt water family swimming pool, hydrotherapy, flow-rider, ‘healing’ and school gardens, learning and exhibition centre and restaurant are all proposed and could be accommodated in the area owned by the Council.

Such facilities provide our Hayling schools with venues in which to learn about our immediate environment. Local Universities could be partners in providing learning resources. Instead of residents and tourists having to use our congested road networks to access mainland leisure pools, they could walk, cycle, bus to this central location. There would be far more employment provided and especially for our younger people keen to gain training beyond standard hospitality and pub work.

The recent and extraordinarily inspirational Commonwealth Games have issued a strong message to everyone watching and listening. Sport provides all our youth with the means to achieve and inspire others. Sport at all levels enhances everyone’s health. Surely any ‘regeneration’, if it is to be worthy of the name, must provide local people with readily accessible all weather facilities for the body, mind and spirit. The proposed Aqua Dome provides young and old with exactly this. This is truly an imaginative and public-spirited project that deserves everyone’s support.

Contact HIRA or drop boxes: Hayling Community Centre, West Town, Mengham Library, Morris Dibben, Mengham, The Terracotta Pot and Gift Shop, Eastoke.

Diary Date: Wednesday June 20th URC 7:30 Check our website nearer the time.

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