Unsatisfactory Treatment

HIRA September 2018

Portsmouth City Council’s reported pressure on Southern Water (SW) to reduce its untreated discharges into Langstone Harbour is welcome news. For everyone using our local beaches and seawater nowadays, sewage should be a distant bad memory. It isn’t remotely reassuring that a SW spokesperson states that their storm water “releases...are regulated and permitted”. Nor is it acceptable to tell people not to swim in the sea after periods of heavy rainfall, as one SW spokesman advised. Surely our local Harbours bring in so much tourist revenue that it is in everyone’s interests to provide a new sewer system to reduce the unwanted discharge?

Through the Hayling Infrastructure Meetings residents were assured that any future roadworks on Hayling’s restricted roadways, particularly along the A3023, would be kept to overnight works and provide early warnings. July 30th saw Island long queues of traffic resulting from day time Southern Gas (SG) works along the A3023. This undermines public confidence in our Service Providers’ assurances that Hayling’s narrow and single road access will be protected from any but unavoidable emergency events. It appears that the SG repairs in question were planned and could have been effected overnight. We await a requested explanation of this departure from agreed policy.

HIRA contacted Petersfield’s Parking Office, jointly shared and working for both East Hants. District Council and Havant Borough Council (HBC), to ask why the reason for both winter parking charges and the large increases. This Office’s Management provided our Council with charging options and this is the one HBC chose. Parking charges were frozen for 5 years to support local businesses; but 2016’s new Meters, providing payment technologies matching private car parks, contributed to the charges’ hike.

HIRA would like HBC to re-think the Cabinet's decision. Where are the feasibility studies that indicate there will be no impact on business turnover, particularly in the difficult winter months now subject to charging? What will be the consequential potential for loss of seasonal and full employment? What is the rationale for this uncertain, negative impact on an already stressed Island desperately trying to compensate for ever-changing tourism patterns? HIRA would like HBC to consider ring-fencing, for Island improvements, Hayling’s lucrative parking charge profits.

Importantly, any parking charges comments must be made to our Councillors. However to report parking problems only directly contact either parking.office@easthants.gov.uk or 0300-555-0705

HIRA Free Public Meeting: Speaker Langstone Harbour Master Mr. Nigel Jardine

Friday October 19th 7:30 pm Hayling Community Centre, West Town

Contact HIRA hello@haylingresidentsassociation.co.uk or drop boxes: Hayling Community Centre, West Town, Mengham Library, Morris Dibben, Mengham, The Terracotta Pot and Gift Shop, Eastoke.

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