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Scotia Gas Network

Please see the following message and possible meeting/event to be run, for public information, by SGN Scotia Gas Network. Please make any enquiries directly to them on the links given below.

We are a gas network company who are responsible for maintaining the gas pipes and therefore at times require different levels of traffic management in place. We are looking to hold a meeting/event for 2 hours on 22 November in the Hayling/Havamt area to present the following information - What we do and why we do it - Any planned works for the future in your area - How you would like us to communicate any planned or emergency roadworks etc - SGN added benefits in the community including our Locking Cooker Valve and carrying out a community action day. Do you think that this would be something that your members would be interested in attending?

Sharon Dorrington, Stakeholder and Community Manager M: +44 (0)07970 123506

E: SGN, St. Lawrence House, Station Approach, Horley, RH6 9HJ

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