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Billy Trail: Flooding

Many readers will know, from the June Islander p.8, that this National Cycle Route has been disgracefully neglected for far too long and now is not only at risk from falling into the sea but also from rainwater flooding as Hampshire County Council (HCC) has failed to maintain the drainage ditch for generations. Since Hayling has always had a Hampshire County Council Councillor, currently Cllr. Lance Quantrill , it is difficult to understand how this state of affairs has been allowed to develop. Please contact him and HCC Leader Cllr. Keith Mans to request urgent remedial action that cannot and should not wait until the possibility of local developers' CIL moneys.

Dave Parham, Save Our Island, will be meeting yet again and in the near future, with HCC's Highways and Byways Officer on the Hayling Billy Trail site where the drainage issue is causing the extensive flooding that prevents public enjoyment of this important amenity.

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