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Martin Hampton is offering his advice regarding suitable planting in even the tiniest corners of our open as well as private ground spaces, in order to encourage insect life which many of us gardeners already know is in worrying sharp decline nationally and locally. He has successfully transformed a few small and otherwise insignificant areas in Havant eg Havant end of the Hayling Billy track just before the Spring car park. It took him time before passers by began to make favourable comments on the difference his efforts made! Nevertheless he is convinced that we all have to start 'small'. Instead of people wanting instant impact flowers that don't benefit insect life, we should all be looking for the more 'relaxed' longevity of our native wildflowers and insect friendly shrubs for example. He encourages contact and will give advice dependent on individual garden/location aspect etc.

Martin is a member of the Grove Conservation Group which is a sub group of the Havant Civic Society.

He presented his case to the Havant Borough Residents' Alliance in July.

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