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Rook Farm: It is essential that everyone pay attention to property speculator (not the developer here) Gladman's latest efforts to promote a land deal that will net themselves, developers & HBC millions but leave the residents with permanent loss of key habitat, irreplaceable environment whilst bequeathing Hayling approximately 390 dwellings, associated traffic, pollution and risk to current & new residents who are supposed to be walking, cycling on roads clogged with these and Sinah's (295 dwellings) & Fathoms Reach's proposed 75 dwellings' vehicular movements. If you are at all concerned about Rook Farm development, please email HIRA/make contact via our website & alert others concerned to do the same. I attach internet link to a letter from the public domain indicating key issues for HBC for any outline planning permission FYI.

Please don't rely on others to act for you. We are all only too aware that both nationally & locally, unless many residents get involved/take active interest, our futures are without doubt at serious risk.

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