Our Association has been set up to represent the views of all who live in Hayling Island. Also known as HIRA, our Association is strictly non-political, non-party and non-secretarian so that it can more effectively meet the desires and iterests of its members.

Our Objectives
  • to represent residents in forums affecting Hayling Islanders' lives and inform them of any outcome;

  • to strive to improve the quality of Hayling Islanders' life;

  • to be responsive as far as possible within available resources by monitoring proposed planning and recommending suitable modification;

  • to work and liaise with the County and Borough Councillors and other outside organisations and authorities relevant to residents' well being;

  • to set up links with other Hayling Island organisations, particularly those with community, recreational and charitable objectives;

  • to encourage members to actively promote the Association so that HIRA has a sufficient basis for any negotiations and decisions affecting residents;

  • to foster a wide socio-economic and age grouping amongst its membership;

  • to be financially viable.

Our Meetings

Our public meetings are free and a wide variety of interesting speakers and presentations are arranged. All are welcome.  Our Annual General Meeting normally takes place immediately before commencement of the October public meeting.   Please make a date for the following:

At the United Reformed Church Main Hall 7:30 pm:

Wednesdays February 12th and June 10th 2020 

At Hayling Island Community Centre West Town Main Hall 7:30 pm: Tuesday October 13th 2020


We publish a monthly article covering topical issues in the Hayling Islander. Also we advertise our meetings on posters locally. If you wish to meet or raise issues with Committee members, you can contact us by email.

Alternatively leave your message in a sealed envelope marked HIRA at Hayling Island Community Centre, West Town; Morris Dibben, Mengham; The Library, Elm Grove; or The Terracotta Pot and Gift Shop, Eastoke.

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