Our Team

Anne Skennerton
a newcomer who wants to help preserve and bring out the best in Hayling.
Lynn Gubler
moved from London in 2014 and hasn't looked back; joined HIRA to help Hayling retain its unique character and charm.
Heather Mulgrew-Tonge
a newcomer who loves Hayling's beaches and outdoor spaces.
Jean Napleton
born and bred Hayling Islander, returned to support enthusiastically and passionately local issues.
Ray Rowsell
hopes his lifetime’s experience and skills in management and logistics will be useful in helping the Island remain a great place for our future generations.
Andrew Skennerton
after a lifetime of public service wants to give something back to the community.
John Vallance
I believe that we must, whilst recognizing 21st Century demands, work together to preserve the uniqueness of this very special Island.
Robert Woodward
finds Hayling Island a haven in a sea of madness.

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