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There are two quick ways to access Planning matters relating to Hayling Island. Just select which is most applicable to your requirement.

Public Access page...

here you can use the Advanced Search option by entering Hayling Island in the Description Keyword field, using one of the date fields to limit the results if you wish. We would suggest the Date Validated field would be most relevant.  Just enter a starting date and it will give you everything up to the current date.

The system allows you to save a search (if you have registered and logged in) and it will send you a message every time the list is updated.  This would result in a large number of notifications if you saved a search for the whole of Hayling Island, but if you were interested in a specific road, address or application, you may find this a handy feature.

Weekly List page...

on the Havant Borough Council website. The weekly list covers the whole of the borough, just scroll down to the Hayling Island wards.

This 30 page document has been produced from the 359 pages of the HBC draft plan till 2036 and are all the significant areas that affect Hayling Island.   The council has scattered the issues affecting Hayling throughout the 359 pages of the document, probably hoping that the majority of people will not bother reading all through it.

Draft local plan to 2036
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