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Roadworks: July 31st-September 15th

The current A3023 Langstone Rd. notice warning of forthcoming Hampshire County Council works can also be found on, inputting the above dates into the search bar calendar image on the website. Stuart Wood of Havant Borough Council Engineering Dept. has helpfully supplied clarification of the pending works as per paragraph and link below. Please check the website link for all further updates/information. If you have additional detailed questions/issues that arise, please contact Stuart Wood or Steve Mountain at Havant B.C. directly. There is a PDF map image of the implications for that stretch of road available directly from Havant B.C.'s Engineering Dept.

Stuart Wood explained: "Most of the works will be carried out through the day with peak time restrictions. It is intended that no day work will restrict traffic flows so there will not be any traffic lights or stop go boards. There will be a need to reduce the flaring of the A3023 northbound between Langbrook Close and Langstone Technology Park but single carriageway width northbound will remain. HBC regularly work on the A3023 with out affecting traffic flows. I am sure that this will not be any different. If flows are affected we will reorganise the work so it does not. There might be some initial minor delays with people looking to see what is going on but I would hope nothing major. The night works will restrict the carriageway width but will allow traffic to flow freely the majority of the time. There might be a night or two of stop/go boards or traffic lights but no major delays. Any issues please contact me or Steve direct. I have attached a link so you are aware of the works being carried out in more detail. At this stage we are only carryout stage 1 of the works."

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