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Open Letter Complaint

Open letter to Cllr. Wilson, signed by 14 non-aligned resident members of Hayling Island Infrastructure Advisory Group, in protest against Cllr. Pike's dismissal of HBC's Scrutiny Board's Refer-Back. Please request, via this website's online form, email copy of this as it is too long to post on this page or visit https://saveourisland.org.uk/

Virtual Meetings: Public Participation

Under current legislation resulting from the COVID-19 lockdown, local authorities have been given permission to hold virtual meetings and there is discussion as to how this will impact on public participation. Nevertheless local plan decision-making is viewed, by many authorities, to be key to a recovering economy. Whilst many of us have used various methods of internet meetings during our private and work lives, there are a number of questions that must arise from this method of public participation for Council Meetings with the far-ranging impact of, for example, local plan decision-making. Civic Voice are already asking members of the public throughout the country to send them any posit

Scam Alerts

As I've suggested before, do please subscribe yourself to Hampshire Alert for regular useful updates on the latest Scams & warnings. It's easy & free - and safe! Just input the name into your search engine and find out more about this very helpful Police Service.

Stagecoach COVID-19

Thanks to the HIRA member who sent me the following information as of end of March so if in doubt please contact Stagecoach directly: For Info see below extract from Stagecoach temporary bus timetables. Concessionary Passes early morning time restrictions temporary relaxed. Havant Portsmouth Area Summary of changes: Route 20 timetable - Every hour, Monday to Saturday. Route 21 timetable - Every hour, Monday to Sunday. Route 23 timetable - Every 30 minutes, Monday to Sunday. Routes 30 & 31 timetable - Every hour, Monday to Sunday. (Hayling Island ) Route 37 timetable - Every 2 hours, Monday to Saturday. Route 38 timetable - Every 3 hours, Monday to Friday. Route 39 timetable - Every ho

Hayling Helpers!

Just in case anyone missed the wonderful news of Hayling's 'army of kindness' on Hayling Herald's April edition front page, Hayling Helpers is a group on Facebook with over 1,000 members, set up by Wendy Ball to support Islanders during the COVID-19 crisis. Their number is 02392 467545 and they can be found on Facebook under Hayling Helpers. Please contact them if you can either help in any way or need help yourself. BBC South featured them recently, wearing their trademark black T-shirts or sweatshirts with Helping Hands printed across. Thank you to them all!!

Tunnel to Eastney

This issue has doubtless arisen before but most recently a HIRA member wrote to Cllr. Clare Satchwell cc Cllr. Wilson, proposing a possible solution to the A3023 traffic problem on Hayling. The reply dated April 6th with detailed explanation eventually came directly from David Hayward, Planning Policy Manager for HBC. As this is of public interest, the key elements are in the section of David's reply to the HIRA member below. Email Excerpt: I also just wanted to let you know that, far earlier in the process, a very large list of potential transport mitigation solutions were explored. This certainly included your suggestion of a direct link from Hayling to Eastney, either via a tunnel or a

Save Our Island

Save Our Island has a web page which provides Hayling Infrastructure related Documents such as the latest, April 8th Open Letter to Cllr. Wilson regarding the dismissal of the Scrutiny Board's Refer- Back by Cllr. Pike. The web page also has a link to Hayling Helpers, advertised by the Hayling Herald most recently and on FB. Hayling Helpers number 02392 467545 or go to https://saveourisland.org.uk and select HaylingHelpers from the top right-hand corner.

Action Hampshire for Charities

[Editor's note: please subscribe to Action Hampshire if you wish continued information/updates regarding all charitable support & advice in our region as this site will not always post updates. Contact HIRA hello@haylingresidentsassociation.co.uk if you wish their latest newsletter with links to be emailed directly to you on this occasion.] Action Hampshire’s single priority is to support people in charities, community groups and social enterprises to do what they do (today and tomorrow). So please talk to us by e-mail on info@actionhampshire.org.uk or ring Kirsty on: 07841 581334. New fund opening soon! Hampshire & IOW Community Foundation (HIWCF) is partnering with the NHS and Action H

HBC supports Government Rules

Havant Borough Council has taken this step in line with national government guidance to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. Striped tape will be displayed across play equipment and outdoor gyms that are not fenced and residents are asked to do their bit and not use the areas. The government has been clear that it is important to stay at home as much as possible to support the NHS. Residents should only leave their homes for the following reasons Shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible. One form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household. Any medical need, including to donate

Community First Help

Community First Covid-19 Impact Survey How you can help... Community First is asking all voluntary and community groups, including new ones, to complete this short survey to help us ​to ​get a clear view of the impact ​of ​Covid-19 on the voluntary sector. By completing it you will help us to better understand the needs of local groups so that we can ensure we are supporting groups in our area as effectively and quickly as possible. We are talking to statutory bodies, partners, and funders very regularly. The survey can be found at Community First Impact on Voluntary & Community Groups https://www.cfirst.org.uk/ In response to Covid-19, we are working with the local voluntary and communi

Transport Assessment Rushed Through

When I wrote to members and on our website that the flawed Hayling Island Transport Assessment Addendum (HITAA) had been referred back for “reconsideration” following scrutiny by HBC’s Operations & Place Shaping Board March 10th, I noted the worrying fact that none of the Councillors nor any of HBC’s Officers asked the questions of the Expert Witness, Prof. Nick Hounsell, Engineer and Highways and Traffic specialist, that could have exposed the HITAA flaws. Barely a week later, March 16th, Cllr. Pike published his dismissal of the 4 reasons for the ‘refer back’ on HBC’s website, and his determination that the HITAA will lead the way for transformational development and its associated fundin

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