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Editorial Deadline!

Editorial deadline: September 13th NOTE: editor@haylingherald.co.uk it's possible that the elise@haylingherald.co.uk email on the poster you see in some locations will get through - check to find out - but the editor's email is as link, to the editor Elise, given above. Please will you ensure that you get in any news/views/photos/notices/advertisements as a matter of urgency well before then. So many people want a local & locally produced hard copy paper which gives them all the local information as well as providing local advertisement. If you and everyone else don't use it, we lose it! If you've been a distributor/want to be a distributor & help your local community, just email Elise on

New: Hayling Herald!

Get behind the launch of Hayling's new paper, The Hayling Herald. Read the Editor's email to us all below and do all you can to advertise in it, provide notices etc. of Island events & write in your letters etc. The web page www.haylingherald.co.uk is up and running & has an email for your contributions and advertisements, just like the Islander: editor@haylingherald.co.uk or ask those not on the internet to pop in to Jerry at Hayling Print on Elm Grove. Let's get behind this positive venture! This is the Editor's own open letter to Islanders: Good afternoon, I'm sure most of you have heard by now that Jerry Widdowson (from Hayling Print) and I are launching a new community newspaper f

Sinah Bore Holes

The following is a letter signed by 3 Sinah Lane residents to Mr. David Hayward, Planning Policy Manager for Havant Borough Council. If you have any comments please send them, with your reasons, to Mr. Hayward and your local Councillors. There are important principles at stake here. Regarding photos referred to, they are not copied here but appear to show blue barriers and pavement markings on Sinah Lane. If you wish to discuss any of the issues raised in the letter, please complete this site's Contact Form for HIRA and we'll forward your enquiry to the letter's authors for them to reply to you directly. "Are you aware that Barratt Homes has contracted Beames Construction, a local compan

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