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Don't Delay: Act Now!

TIME IS RUNNING OUT.  Below are: First a reminder of the serious flaws in the Consultation on changes to Current Planning Policy & Regulations Second a negative template suggested that you can use or alter according to your views BUT the very least that you, your neighbours and friends on Hayling must do is to 1. SIGN CPRE Petition 2. take the time to write your views with reasons to the 2 email addresses provided.  Please share & encourage others to email plus sign the petition against this Consultation ASAP. First: The new Government Paper, Consultation due Oct. 1st, uses a new algorithm to calculate the revised housing targets for all of the areas of Hampshire.  As you will see in the Con

Warblington Farm: Misleading

There is strong feeling amongst many that the claims made in Havant Borough Council's recent Press Release (see The News Thurs. Sept. 10th) are somewhat misleading. Firstly the Farm is currenty a traditional one with hedgerows, plenty of birdlife, access by public footpaths & not intensively farmed. It is already owned by the Council and I understand that this is simply an adjustment to the lease, continuing to allow the farmer to graze his cows on it; he just wouldn't be allowed to add any supplements for the grass. So there will still be dairy farming &, contrary to the cartoon, the cows won't need a suitcase. So exactly how will the £225,000 given by Solent Local Enterprise Partnershi

Deputation on Local Plan by Anne Skennerton

Section 2.43 references NPPF’s “sustainable development” as a key requirement for Havant Borough Council’s Local Plan so that it “fully contributes to all three pillars of sustainable development: economic, environmental and social.” With regard to Hayling’s 1000 new homes proposed together with hundreds of windfall developments to 2037, where is the employment on Hayling for the majority of those new home owners without the need for at least half of them to travel off Island? Hayling’s Regeneration plans don’t provide this solution on the Island. Regarding Hayling’s transport system, principally the A3023 and associated road network, that is essential for commuters and the much touted touri

Deputation on Local Plan

Deputation by Mike Owens to Havant Borough Council’s Extraordinary Meeting 9th Sept 2020 The Local Plan is required to demonstrate a cogent response to the NPPF’s demands for adequate infrastructure to support any development ambitions in a sustainable way. The Local plan is also required to fully consider the best interests of residents in a way that does not adversely affect their community. The government expects exacting community consultation. For Hayling Island, the Local Plan has abjectly failed to fulfil any of the above requirements and therefore is unsatisfactory and not fit for purpose. There are several demonstrable fundamental flaws; I will concentrate on just a few as these rea

Deputation on Local Plan by Robin Davison

DEPUTATION FOR EXTRAORDINARY COUNCIL MEETING 9 SEPTEMBER I WISH TO REGISTER MY CONCERNS REGARDING THE PROPOSED HAVANT Borough Council Local Plan I have been a resident of Hayling Island for some 30 years and also ran a business in Havant. I am also a member of the Councils Hayling Island infrastructure advisory group HIIAG My concerns that I wish to register, are specifically related to Hayling Island as both a residential area and Holiday resort. The proposals under the Local Plan do not address the unique issues relating to the Island, of which the main ones are. 1. A3023 main road 2. Flood protection A3023. The single access route on and off the Island has been discussed at HIIAG for some

Deputation on Local Plan by Dave Parham

How does our Local Authority justify transforming the Borough’s major leisure and holiday destination into an engine for open-ended housing growth? The HBC Local Plan intends to load this small, vulnerable holiday island with a massive housing programme beginning with the 1300 units (a 15% increment) in this document. This is an act of cultural violence against a defenceless community. This is just the beginning, and this initial 1300 is in no way a ceiling or limit. The Local Plan does not follow Government advice or conform to the NPPF requirements in many key areas including: · The NPPF requirement that suitable developments are backed up with a sustainable infrastructure for the normal l

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