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Virtual Horticultural Show

Please support Hayling's wonderful Horticultural Show which puts on wonderful arts, crafts and flower shows for everyone to enjoy and take part in. These shows also provide an essential income from donated prizes, food, plants to sell and prize-money which will be missing this year. The Shows always enable non-members to participate so please make this a wonderful June Show by joining in. Please read the attached poster - apologies for small print - and email lieseholden1001@gmail.com for any questions - thank you!

Sinah Field:Barratt Homes Appeal

Hayling Island Residents’ Association (HIRA) is surprised that Sinah Field Developer, Barratt Homes, has chosen to launch an Appeal to the Planning Inspector on the basis of non-determination, because HBC’s decision was effectively delayed by COVID-19 rules that prevented the March DMC (Development Management Company) on this matter from taking place. I understand that the DMC for this application had already been planned to take place ‘virtually’ in June. However I learned that, in line with Government regulations, a DMC will still take place in the near future to ascertain how the Council would have voted for the Sinah Field application and this will still go to the Inspectorate. The

Anti-Social Behaviours

Authorities seem unable to stop the following behaviours that seriously distress residents. These are excerpts of complaints sent to our local Council followed by relevant responses from Councillors & Council: I am a resident on Seafront. Last night our household was awakened around 11pm to the sound of much noise and merriment. This is not an uncommon experience, we often experience Daytona style car racing and other types of unsocial activity late in the evening. Last night ...was different. Motorhomes had assembled and set up camp ... Spotlights were switched on [and] noticed by the International Space Station. Disco music ...went on...for hours. All the residents ...had a very disturbe

June 3rd Cabinet Minutes

Pages 6 following from the above Minutes are the most relevant extracts on the issue of Nitrate Neutrality. These are too lengthy for posting on this website or on FB but they do clearly present the issues from the Council's perspective as well as providing the background which has also been explained by my articles & postings on this website. However as this remains a 'live' and very important issue, affecting all building development especially along our coastlines and waterways, please contact hello@ or HBC for pdf. copy of full Minutes from which you can easily view pages 6 following.

Elm Grove APP/20/00015

Please note that what appears to be the previous Pullingers site has a new Planning Application in as above. Nearby residents/businesses have apparently already been notified but please check details and, if you have any comments, please note relevant dates.

Nitrates Worries

Portsmouth News June 12th 2020 reported on problems for builders and Councils when seeking mitigation measures for nitrates pollution. The following is HBRA's Press Release currently on this subject : Havant Borough Residents Alliance(HBRA) are very concerned about the decision Havant Borough Council (HBC) have made on 3rd June regarding Warblington Farm, two thirds of which is owned by them. The whole process has been cloaked in confidentiality. Our members have been excluded from meetings and had no access to the committee papers or the recent Cabinet Meeting on neutrient neutrality 3rd June. All over the Borough high grade agricultural land is being lost at a time when local food prod

Local Plan Cabinet Decision July 1st

Relevant extracts from David Hayward's reply to Anne Skennerton's email requesting information: Cabinet will be considering changes to the Local Plan [Changes to Pre-Submission Local Plan 25-03-2020 available from HBC] at its meeting on 1 July. This would essentially be the same report that was due to be considered on 25th March with tweaks due to changes in circumstances (eg there’s now no local government election purdah period). If the Cabinet approve the item, it would then need to be considered at Full Council though there’s no date for that meeting at this point. If approved by Full Council, then there would be a consultation regarding the legal compliance and soundness of the propos

Cabinet Meeting Wednesday

Urgent: HBC Cabinet Meeting is this Wednesday June 3rd 2pm https://havant.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?MId=11072&x=1 . There is a link on that page to 'follow the meeting' which is explained below. If after reading this you have more questions please contact "James Harris - Deputy Democratic Services Team Leader - 01730 234098 This meeting is audio only. Participants will be able to listen to the debate but not see the speakers." Having spoken directly with James Harris I can relay the following to you: 1. Re your attendance: you can listen in (no video) by clicking on the above website 'Follow the meeting', & HBC has Skype for Business, subsystem Skype for Broadcast for which the

Virus Focus on Green Spaces

Cllr. Wilson’s statement concerning the HI Transport Assessment Addendum (Herald May 2020 p.9) that the Hayling Infrastructure Advisory Group (HIAG) were “fully up to speed on how it was being done” is debatable. In 2018 the Group repeatedly requested training and knowledge of the Council’s parameters for the Council’s proposed microsimulation model for Hayling’s Transport Assessment. This is because parameters can determine an analysis outcome. The Group were never given either the training or the parameters set by the Council. As for the outcome of the systems analysis, the many questions it raised resulted in Councillors voting on an Addendum (January 2019) to ‘recommend that further

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