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HBC Staying Safe Advice!

From Saturday 4 July, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and some other public venues, will be able to open for the first time since lockdown began. If you use these businesses, you'll be making a vital contribution to the recovery of the local economy - but please do so safely. The threat of coronavirus has not gone away so as more people begin to get out and about, it’s important that you continue to take precautions to stay safe. The current guidance is still to keep two metres away from others. From 4 July, you should still keep two metres apart where possible, but where it is not, a social distance of at least one metre apart is acceptable if other precautions (for example face masks, scre

Coastal Flooding Questionnaire

Please note that the questionnaire for this link is intended for those actually living on Hayling Island as it is research on a critical evaluation of residents' public perceptions and attitudes towards coastal flooding and the management techniques on Hayling Island. It is a serious research questionnaire for Portsmouth University so please treat it as such - thank you! It will be anonymous & goes directly to the University inbox purely for research assessment. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc44j6FAN5ExbSP5dz34xKiCH5lA5xsYIZPRyAOOY9wMjCxXg/viewform?usp=sf_link

Anti-Social Behaviour

Letter to July Hayling Herald: Dear Editor, Illegal overnight beach camping and parking, late night noisy, brightly lit parties, blatant speeding along Sea Front and other straight Hayling roads, badly disturb and distress residents. Some families have moved house in despair of no long term effective action by their own Council, and others are too frightened of reprisals to speak out. For those who have provided photographic, detailed evidence over years to our Council and Councillors, they witness valuable police time and taxes in repairs and cleaning up after the anti-social behaviour. So why does this continue? Council staff explained that, despite the 19 PCN (Penalty notices) left on

Deputation to Cabinet 01-7-20

Deputation: Havant Borough Local Plan (revised Pre-submission Local Plan) 1. One purpose of Havant Borough Local Plan (HBLP) is to legally protect Solent Waders and Brent Geese (SWBG), yet proposed refuges are either in Flood Zone 3 or in the Coastal Change Management Area (CCMA) - despite the need to ‘function in perpetuity’. For example, policy IN1 (previously E26) is in flood zone 3 and the Land North of Sinah Lane (H29) onsite refuge is in a CCMA. Erosion and degradation of these sites will result in a ‘net loss of available winter foraging’ and therefore this mitigation for loss of SWBG grazing land is not fit for purpose. Simultaneously, this also contradicts other HBLP statements that

HBC Cabinet Deputation 01-7-20

Cabinet members need to be clear about fundamental issues that require it’s common sense consideration. This text is not highly technical; it actually does not need to be! The issues we have on Hayling Island clearly demonstrate the provisions of the Local Plan will not be sustainable for us. Councillors Pike and Wilson et al say they have listened to the concerns of residents through the HIIAG and have addressed many points; the reality, however, is they have just bulldozed their transport assessment through the process and totally ignored any credible/technical criticism in support of the Local Plan. Shockingly, they clearly conspired to ignore and brush aside the views of the council’s co

Save Our Island Deputation

Also published on Havant Borough Council's website re Cabinet Meeting 01-7-20: As the Cabinet meets to agree to recommend the pre-submission Local Plan to the full Council, we are duty-bound on behalf of the Hayling Island residents to reiterate our opinion that the Plan, in respect to Hayling Island, is incomplete. In its current form it does not satisfy the Government requirement that any development is accompanied by an economic and sustainable infrastructure. It was not the Government who told Havant Borough Council to build the 10,000 houses in the Borough, nor the 1,300 on Hayling Island. This was your decision as part of the PUSH structure to place a blanket target on each area rat

Herald July Article

Barratt Homes’ Appeal to the Planning Inspector because of HBC’s cancelled DMC’s (Development Management Committee) meeting to determine Sinah Field’s Barratts’ Development Application, surprises because COVID-19 rules cancelled this meeting which was, I understand, only postponed until June. However Barratt Homes have requested an Informal Hearing which involves submission of written evidence and discussion by all parties, including local residents and councillors, before an Inspector. Of immediate concern is the reality that one of the largest residential property developers has the resources to legally re-present its Planning Applications to an Authority in the current climate of the N

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