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HIRA meets with Hayling Practice Representatives

On August 30th Hayling's two Practice Managers and representative General Practitioners met with our Committee members to discuss concerns on both sides about the impact that Havant Borough Council's proposed Draft Housing Plan 2036 will have on Hayling's residents and their medical care. It is safe to say that the 550 houses proposed for Hayling, in addition to those already approved and being built, will put an intolerable strain on not only infrastructure such as our roads and in particular the A3023, but also our Medical Practices. Whilst HIRA has been informed that patient satisfaction with the Practices is very high, the substantial new numbers of proposed dwellings will have worrying consequences for all medical care including of course emergency provision. These issues have been highlighted by HIRA on Mengham's Noticeboard and on this site earlier this month. More detailed information for all residents to support them in their individual responses to the Plan will be available over the coming days and well before the September 9th deadline. HIRA's comprehensive response will also be available to view, and we will be emailing a copy to the Planning Officer, David Hayward, and each of our Councillors.

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