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Major Infrastructure Review

Yesterday's 2 hour Infrastructure Review Meeting involving Hayling and Langstone Residents' representatives, Havant Borough Council (HBC) & Hants County Council (HCC) was broad in scope and allowed all those present ample time to raise any subject germane to the group. Residents and residents' representatives had every opportunity to raise issues of concern. The conclusion from this first meeting is that HBC & HCC will undertake a complete study of Hayling Island's unique environment. We understand that this is the first such Review to be undertaken despite the warnings given since the 1980s that the A3023, as a key infrastructure element, was neither designed nor built for the vehicle loads that it has been taking.

At the conclusion of the Meeting, David Eaves, Planning Officer, reminded us all that

anyone wishing to make any comments on the Rook Farm Application - link and notice given in our earlier NEWS item - must do so at the earliest opportunity. Please use the direct link given earlier or highlight /copy the following into your browser:

Please take the time to check Application Documents and complete your opinions in the Comments drop down box. Please encourage others to make online or comments by letter to the Planning Offices as a matter of urgency. Please also note that in fact Brent Geese are well documented for this site and, having spoken with David Eaves Planning Officer, he urged that comments and any evidence anyone may have on this or any other matter be submitted under Comments. This is absolutely essential at this stage. Do not assume that your previous comments on Rook Farm will be automatically taken into account. This is a separate Application and must be treated as such.

Today Portsmouth Water have apologized for the disruption caused by their non emergency work

They claim the timing, to avoid morning and afternoon/evening rush hour, was approved by HCC. I wrote to our Councillors and Officers, whilst HIRA member Jim Palmer wrote to HCC, explaining that this 'minor' repair resulted in those on Hayling being unable to leave the Island for at least a few hours in the middle of the day. It is abundantly clear that Hayling's single road access to work, education and emergency services can be far too easily compromised. This is one more example of our Island's vulnerability and must be taken into account during the Infrastructure Review now in progress.

HBC, through Councillor Pike, has yesterday requested all Residents' Associations to ask the public to provide them with the following:

HBC welcomes any input from the public as to what could be done to reduce travel off the Island, and improve our services on the Island. Please make your practical proposals either through this website contact form, our email, HBC online form or by letter to the Planning Department Attn. David Hayward.

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