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Langstone Roadworks

Today two Hampshire County Council Highways employees have both emailed and telephoned me in response to my emails and phone calls to that Department last Friday. The following information is supplied by these 2 staff:

  • All works to take place on the A3023 Langstone Road section must take place overnight from 8 pm to 6 am to allow drivers to return home after work and get back to work. The road is termed ‘Traffic Sensitive’ from 06:30 to 18:30 7 days / week 365 days / year. This means that they will try to avoid having planned roadworks occurring between those times wherever possible.

  • Work for dangerous or urgent reasons will however take place as and when necessary i.e. could be daytime.

  • Utility Companies could work daytime hours on side roads, but not on the A3023 if they will affect traffic flow. The only thing that might cause problems is if there would be constant night works in a residential area, then they may be forced by Environmental Health reasons to allow works during the day.

  • Work is routinely posted to but its appearance on that site depends upon factors that cannot be controlled (the usual internet glitches) but I was told such postings are "98% accurate".

  • The website shows exactly the same information seen by HCC, but it doesn’t necessarily show the instructions they have given to the Utility Companies. It’s a system based on National specifications and is fully automated so it’s not usually possible to manually change it.

  • The current Portsmouth Water symbol appears to be on Langstone Rd. but is in fact along the side road because of the 'approximate' placing required.

  • There is in fact a current Southern Water symbol but it cannot currently be seen.

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