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New A3023 Layout Langstone

Hayling commuters might be interested in Havant Borough Council's approved and planned work in the following section of the A3023 through Langstone. Please direct any comments, concerns that you may have to Havant BC Civil Engineering Team Leader, cc for our information. The following is taken directly from their email dated April 5th 2017 to Langstone Residents' Association, information from which the recipients could circulate as they 'see fit'.

"...the scheme includes improvements to the merge of southbound traffic from 2 lanes into 1, improvements to right turning traffic into and out of Langbrook Close, and the provision of a yellow box junction at the Langstone Technology Park access. In particular you will see the segregation of right turning traffic into Langbrook Close from general southbound traffic to address the issues you reported with drivers overtaking in the merge not realising you’re turning right.

We anticipate going to tender within the next 3-4 weeks with a build programme starting in July. At this stage most of the work is expected to be done at night."

Click here to view the drawing which illustrates the agreed changes so please consider carefully how this might affect any traffic flow from the perspective of travellers northwards from Hayling.

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