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County Election Hustings!

On this Friday April 21st 7:30 pm sharp at Hayling Island Community Centre, Station Road, West Town, HIRA are holding a Hustings for Hayling Island's representative on Hampshire County Council. Five of the six candidates have agreed to attend so that residents can meet them, listen to what they have to say about their platform and ask them questions. The full list of candidates is on Hantsweb online site, type in Elections in the search bar, then click on 2017 Hampshire CC Elections and then click on Havant under Persons Nominated and scroll down to find Hayling Island candidates.

In alphabetical order those who have agreed to attend our Hustings are:

Coates, Richard UKIP

Earnshaw, Sheree Labour

Gray, Paul Liberal Democrat

Holt, Sue Green Party

Quantrill, Lance Conservative

Moore, John L.H. for the British National Party declined the invitation but he nevertheless has the option to attend if he so chooses.

Each candidate will have a maximum of 5 minutes to present their platform or reasons for standing. When all have finished speaking, the Chair will call on those who have submitted a copy of their question at the door using the name given, and a roving microphone will be given to the questioner to put his/her question. Each candidate will have the opportunity to answer every question but they will each have a maximum of 2 minutes in which to do so. Timings will be strictly adhered to. Once all the pre-written questions have been asked, the Chair will take questions from the floor.

The Hustings will conclude once all questions have been asked and in any event by 9:40 pm. We must vacate the Community Centre by 10:00 pm.

Please note: current building work in the Centre's car park has greatly reduced nearby parking. Therefore if arriving by car, please allow yourself time in case you have to walk from a car park a little further away. You may also consider lift sharing to reduce congestion.

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