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Funds Available!

Two funds are available for community groups and they are time sensitive so please do check them out to see if you/a group you know could apply for one of them:

1. Please find below information on the Pfizer Havant Community Fund, a fund of £15,000 in total to be shared amongst applicants to provide modest support to groups and projects within the Borough of Havant.

Interested parties can apply by completing a Community Fund Application by 14th July 2017. Full details can be found by contacting Janet Strangeway's email or

Best Regards,


Janet Strangeway

Marketing Officer

T 0300 500 8085 Ext 9731 | E

1. Havant Borough Council has more than £1.75m to spend on infrastructure to help the borough a better place to live, work and visit (including £200k for neighbourhood projects). These funds are from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which is a charge paid by developers, mostly from the building of new homes, and is based on the size and type of the development.

The bidding process for CIL funds runs between 30 June and 11 August 2017. Bids can be made for infrastructure projects by infrastructure providers, community groups and councillors.

More information can be found on our website, including the form available for download and additional information on the bidding requirements at:

Additionally for reference, the CIL Funding Decision Protocol 2017, CIL Charging Schedule, Regulation 123 List, Strategic Infrastructure Delivery Plan and details of the Local Plan can all be accessed from this page.

Forms should be returned no later than Friday 11 August 2017 to or by post to the Public Service Plaza.

We are anticipating that the decision regarding this round of funding bids will be taken by the Council, 21 February 2018.

The next round of CIL funding bids will be invited in the summer of 2018.

Kind regards

Mrs Louise Weaver Community Infrastructure Officer Planning Services Havant Borough Council Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant PO9 2AX Direct Dial Telephone Number: (023) 9244 6545 Fax number: (023) 9244 6588 e-mail:

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