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Further to our previous correspondence I wanted to inform you that we have received additional information and revised plans for this application. We have re-consulted with all of those who have contributed on the application to date, in addition to new site notices going up at the site tomorrow, and a new advert in the newspaper on Friday. We are also looking to put these details on our social media platforms.

Planning Application APP/17/00656 - Erection of a discount foodstore with associated parking and landscaping and new vehicular and pedestrian accesses to Manor Road

The additional plans and information comprises:

1. Revised Flood Risk Assessment

2. Revised Transport Assessment

3. Travel Plan

4. Revised plans comprising –

I. Site Plan - Drawing Number 3671-02U

II. Elevations as proposed - Drawing Number 3671-05N

III. Surface Dressing Plan- Drawing Number 3671-06Q

IV. Roof Plan – Drawing Number 3671-07Q

V. Street elevation/Section – Drawing Number 3671-09

Copies of the application form, drawings and relevant supporting information can be viewed on the Havant Borough Council Public Access pages

Any comments you may wish to make on the revisions should be made in writing quoting the above reference number and received in these offices no later than 10 November 2017.

The Borough Council considers it very important that local people are involved in the development management process. Therefore comments received after the publicity period has expired are accepted and taken into account, providing they are relevant and material to the decision and if the application has not already been determined. However, failure to submit representations within the consultation period may prejudice the chance of these comments being taken into account. This is set out in the adopted Statement of Community Involvement, which was subject to public consultation prior to its adoption.

I trust this is of assistance.



Lewis Oliver

Principal Planning Officer

Planning Services

Havant Borough Council

Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant PO9 2AX

Direct Dial Telephone Number: (023) 9244 6263

Fax number: (023) 9244 6588


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