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Erosion Must be Tackled

October’s Storm Brian’s powerful sea waves that breached a few shingle banks and flood barriers to run down roads on Hayling’s southeastern coast, remind us of our Island’s vulnerability. HIRA’s October AGM and Public Meeting heard from our Havant Borough Council (HBC) officers that in a life-threatening emergency Category 1 event across our region, Portsmouth’s 120,000 population would inevitably take precedence in emergency response teams over Hayling’s 18,000 permanent residents. The Hampshire Fire and Rescue spokesman, who liaises fortnightly with all other Category 1 responders, stated that Hayling must work together to create its own Community Resilience, as required by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. In August 2017, HIRA wrote a detailed response to the HBC Lead for Emergency Planning and reminded him of this at the Meeting. HIRA has already begun work to drive forward an Island wide Community Resilience Plan: so residents would know they should have a ‘grab bag’ with, for example, medicines that may not be available if they’re evacuated for 24 hours or more; we need to keep essential supplies in the event of full utility failure for 48 hours. Resilience also includes knowing our neighbours and who would need our help.

Thursday’s Speakers from Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) working with HBC informed us of Hampshire County Council’s non-intervention policy for the coastal erosion at the Billy Trail’s southern end. They heard from a HIRA and Cycle Hayling member that this is ‘completely impractical and wasteful’, as the flooding would both cut Hayling in half and block the A3023. A flood prevention bund with the Billy Trail on the top was suggested. Dave Parham, Save Our Island, reminded all residents that there is not the revenue stream i.e. residential and commercial business money on Hayling, to come close to the expense of a second road and bridge onto Hayling: approximately £20m per mile for a dual road, £130m for a bridge. Consequently the Billy Trail is essential for the free movement of people on foot, cycling or motability when roads are congested. Residents want it suitably upgraded with lockable bollards at each end that can be removed for emergency vehicle access.

HIRA has yet to discover ownership of the short road immediately south of Esso Garage, west of A3023, leading into the popular bird watching and Oyster Beds amenity. The roads’ dangerous trenches cannot be seen at night, risking cars’ suspension and, worse, cyclists’ lives. Please contact HIRA on our email below if you know how to contact the owner.

Residents’ are angry at NORSE, Havant’s Operational Service, for removing bottle banks, leaving others open and allowing thousands of potentially dangerous glass to pile up in public places. Havant BC has a duty of care under Health and Safety Legislation to its residents to provide safe glass disposal facilities whilst their residential waste collection permits no glass. Surely the more numerous previously covered bins within all car parks provides a convenient sensible solution for the whole community and visitors.

To ensure your voice is heard on Barratt’s 162 mixed tenure dwellings proposed on the field beside Sinah Lane, please write to us urgently with reasons for your views. Similarly let us know your thoughts regarding : Lidl’s updated plans; and one resident’s suggestion that Lidl be built on the combined Pullinger’s and rear allotments, re-locating those allotments - and potentially more - to the Manor Road green field. This could reduce traffic at a vital junction, prevent it becoming industrial, providing sustainable food production for many families. Equally important, Lidl’s Pullinger’s location will encourage its shoppers to make use of existing businesses along that road. It is a site far more accessible to pedestrians.

We need your HIRA photos for our Christmas Newsletter! Please submit them asap, and any other messages to: or via Drop Box: Library, The Terracotta Pot & Gift Shop at Eastoke, Morris Dibben Mengham, Hayling Island Community Centre in West Town.

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