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Urgent: Lidl

This coming Friday November 10th is the deadline for everyone to make their comments - with reasons - on Lidl's revised application to build their store on the current green area on Manor Road near the roundabout. Regardless of whether or not one supports a Lidl locally, everyone needs to understand the consequences of changing this particular site to what is likely to be permanent commercial use at this sole road access to Hayling's semi urban south. Any large store must encourage maximum car useage 24/7 therefore the likely congestion consequences of Lidl's activity at that site must only add to the A3023 road problems. Remember: every comment counts so don't assume that if others make your points that is sufficient. You may also find it useful to read others' comments.

Please visit:, click on Planning, then Search and comment, & look for the purple mid page 'View planning applications etc' & in the Search bar type in APP/17/00656. There is a bar 'Make a Comment' for a drop down form so you can do so online.

This is a direct link but they seem to time out but worth a try:

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