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Hayling Transport Consultation: Dec 10th.

Please use the link below to find an online consultation form whose purpose is to "to hear your views on traffic and transport access on Hayling Island, as part of developing the 2036 Local Plan. This sets out a framework for development and infrastructure for the Borough." If you or someone you know prefers to complete a hard copy, please visit Hayling Library or Community Centre or contact the Council at the Plaza.

Sometimes these links appear to 'expire' and if so then visit: Havant Borough Council website>enter Transport Consultation December 2017 into the search bar > click on Current Consultations on the next page > click on Traffic and transport access on Hayling Island to find the form. Please encourage all Islanders you know to complete it.

If you have any questions, please contact Louise Berridge Tel. 023 9244 6419 (during normal office hours) or by emailing

Any complaints or comments regarding this questionnaire should be taken up with Louise Berridge, cc

Louise wishes me to pass on her response to complaints about the questionnaire as follows:

The questionnaire has been designed with the uniformity of closed questions, where all possible answers are identified. This is the preferred and proven method for obtaining data on attitudes and opinions. It’s also less time consuming and easier for respondents to complete and allows us to incorporate a larger number of questions. By keeping the responses short and concise, it also ensures efficient and more accurate data processing. The questions relate to information we are particularly seeking, which is details on public transport use and walking and cycling improvements. The questionnaire has not been designed to cover every aspect that residents may wish to discuss with HBC, such as parking, or retail/ supermarket issues.

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