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Hayling's recent Infrastructure Delivery Advisory Group learned that Hayling's police allocation is: One Police Officer & two Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). In case you are unaware of the significance of these terms, two of our Committee members provide the following explanations together with the implications so that we can better understand the current Petition's (link below) concerns:

> Police Officers undergo an initial training lasting two years before they are confirmed in their role. They carry warrant cards and have the power of arrest.

> PCSOs are uniformed civilian employees of the police, who can detain someone until an Officer's arrival, but can neither search nor arrest them. They are not expected to deal with confrontation or disorder and do not carry handcuffs, batons or incapacitant spray. Their use of force is limited to the same common law powers or powers under section 3 of the criminal law act 1967 as is any citizen. They work shifts but not on a 24/7 basis. They can join a union and they can go on strike. They have a contract of employment and can have that contract terminated or be made redundant. The usual training period for a PCSO is 10 weeks.

The implications may be that Hayling is likely to be without a Police presence most of the time, as our Police Officer may be called to assist calls elsewhere in Hampshire. When we need Police help, it may therefore have to be from elsewhere and the request prioritised. Hampshire Constabulary might adopt a policy when this happens of 'showing the flag' by periodically sending an uncommitted car or motorcycle onto Hayling for a short time.

This is not scare-mongering, but stating the facts. If you wish to view and sign the petition that has been started by Ali Swodeck and Paul Gray please follow this link

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