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Lidl Outcome

Many of you may know that approval was given at the beginning of December for Lidl to be built on the field adjacent to Manor Road and the roundabout. This is a brief summary of the proceedings and outcome:

* There were about 30 in the public gallery.

* Although the Chairman opened with the declaration that Lidl's petition would be disregarded as too late, Lidl's experienced (11 years) representative's exposition included waving the 3,999 petition stating it was the largest ever for Lidl.

* 2 Councillors spoke against, all others for.

* Unanimous permission applauded by the public.

* Police Traffic concerns were addressed by suggesting widening the road, creating a central lane for eastbound entry.

It is to be hoped that the road widening scheme is effective in preventing traffic from dangerously restricting the A3023's traffic flow, and that Lidl's infrastructure takes sufficient account of the annual flooding both on the road and for the residents and business to the south of the development's site. We hope that those supporting Lidl's arrival find it all that they wanted.

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