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Ferry Bus Action!

Dear Reader, please will you copy & paste the letter below, as per the instructions so that we send as many letters as possible to Councillor Tim Pike, with copies to all our Councillors, Encourage your neighbours/friends to send a copy too - we can all make the difference!

After 30 months of campaigning for a bus to the Ferry, all we have left to do is support Councillor Pike by proving that Islanders want this to happen!

As with the Richard Branson letter we sent (over a thousand of us!):

1. copy and paste the email content below 2. add your name and postcode (proves you're a resident or nearby resident/potential user of the Ferry) 3. send to the Hayling Councillors (addresses provided)

Dear Councillor Pike,

I understand from the notes distributed by the Hayling Ferry Working Party (HFWP) that on Wednesday 11th July you will propose to Havant Borough Council (HBC) that Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds not claimed or distributed in the previous round (totalling approximately £20,000) are used to trial a bus service on Hayling Island that will link the Ferry Terminal to the rest of the island by public transport.

Given that the HFWP has also previously reported that the Ferry is, without a full and proper public transport network, likely to fail as a service, this trial would not only prevent accidents along the Ferry Road where there is thick overhanging foliage, no street lighting and no pavement, but also ensure that there is an alternative route off the island in the longer term, thereby enabling HBC’s 2036 plan.

I would appreciate it if you would record my full support for your excellent proposal and ask other Councillors to consider doing the same in the name of public safety and future planning. Hopefully our Hayling HBC councillors will also work hard to lobby their fellow Conservatives and others in support of this sensible and responsible motion.

Yours sincerely,

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