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This is the latest update from Havant Borough Council Planning Officer Lewis Ford regarding Sinah Lane proposed development:

An application has been submitted and is currently being checked to see if it is valid.

To explain further, when an applicant submits an application to the council (whether for a minor or major application), an applicant must include certain information so that the council can gain the ‘’full picture’’ of the situation. This information, or better put, these requirements, are stated in our Local Requirement List.

An application is only made valid, and thus considered an active application, if all of the information requirements are submitted. Until this has occurred, an application is considered invalid, is not published and is not further considered.

Regarding the land at Sinah Lane, and as confirmed by Barratts, an application has been submitted to the council, however, it has not yet been validated.

Timescales to validation:

I would anticipate the application becoming valid, and therefore live, next week or the week after.

A valid application:

Once the council has received all of the information required (as set out on our Local Requirement List – link above), and completed validation, the application will then be made valid and live. On the date of validation, the council will write to all residents who border the site, assign an application reference number, upload all information onto Public Accessand begin the public consultation process on the application. It is also on this date that the required timescales to determine an application (i.e. whether to approve or refuse) start.

To answer your question regarding timescales once an application is made valid, the normal timeframe from the date of validation to determination (for a major application) is 13 weeks.

Sinah Lane Application:

Nevertheless, in this instance, it is anticipated that both the applicant and the council will sign a Planning Performance Agreement. The signing of such an agreement means that both parties agree that the council can have longer than the required 13 weeks to determine the application. This will be done because, as highlighted to the applicant, there is still uncertainty regarding the capacity of Hayling Island and that the studies currently being undertaken to determine the capacity and future of the island will be finalised and published way after the normal 13-week deadline.

As you will be aware, the studies I am referring to include:

  • Hayling Island Microsimulation Model;

  • Borough-wide Transport Assessment (TA); and

  • Borough-wide Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)

How to comment on the Sinah Lane application:

While the application is not valid, we cannot accept any comments/representations from residents about the site. This is because comments must relate to a valid application in order to be documented and taken into consideration. This way, it is ensured that residents have had the opportunity to see the proposal (including design and layout) and can use the information to inform their comments/representation.

Once the application is validated (likely to be next week or the week after), the council will write to all those adjacent to the site and publish all submitted information and proposed plans on Public Access. I would recommend making a representation via as this way you will receive email notifications if new information is submitted and when the council has determined the application. Of course, we will always accept written comments for a valid application; however, you would not receive updates of new information being submitted etc.

Please note, although the time to determine this application will be longer than the normal statutory timeframe (i.e. longer than 13 weeks), I would still recommend submitting comments/representation in the initial public consultation period of the application. Once validated, I will email you to notify you that the application is live and how long the public consultation period is open until.

Moving Forward:

Once the application is valid, the application will be assigned to a case officer. At this stage I will then politely ask that you then contact the case officer if you have any specific questions about the application. Until this time, you are still more than welcome to contact myself or my Planning Policy colleagues. As always, you can email us and/or call us on 02392 446539.

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