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HEXIT Petition

The Petition for sufficient signatures to trigger a debate and vote by our Council can be found either by inputting ' Havant Borough Council Petition' in the search bar or try the link below:

Over many years there has been considerable discussion and thought in support of Hayling having its own Council or Parish Council. In fact the same efforts in both Southsea and Emsworth failed for reasons perhaps linked to the additional cost levied to run it, so residents will need to approve that.

A search on, Parish Council formation, may also provide an idea of the time scale involved. Therefore, if part of the intention is to prevent further major development on Hayling, such a Council may arrive too late. will also indicate the extent of such a local Council's powers - an important consideration in view of residents' aspirations for a more local decision-making body.

HIRA does not hold a particular view on this subject; the link and suggested websites - or indeed such information from our Library - is provided solely for information. We encourage residents to make up their own minds after looking into the issues for themselves.

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