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A3023 Report Available

Within a short period of time we expect Havant Borough Council (HBC) to bring forward their evaluation of the A3023 trunk road together with the associated impacts on the Island’s housing growth and their views and recommendations on the way forward.

We are to be provided with a copy of the analyses one month in advance of their presentation to the Infrastructure Advisory Committee.

The report, available from or , headed by a 3-page summary, represents our residents’ views, expectations and requirements on these topics, against which we will be evaluating the HBC submission for the validity, completeness and relevance of the solutions offered.

You will by now realise that the revised development application by Barratt for the Sinah Lane site has been submitted for 195 houses.

This evaluation process is the major reason for our presence on the Infrastructure Advisory Committee as we chose to be the representatives of the community and the 5000 residents who supported us with the Save Our Island petition. Now it is time for us all to deliver on our commitment and fight to establish a sustainable economic future for Hayling Island.

We must make this happen.

Via a separate note we have also requested HBC to provide an interim performance evaluation of the Infrastructure Project against the original objectives and terms of reference published for the first meeting of the Infrastructure Advisory Committee in January 2017.

Dave Parham Save Our Island Group 14 August 2018

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