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Doctor Calling!

Yesterday's Meeting on Hayling's future Health provision was the first time that our local new, innovative Primary Care Network (PCN) plan has been shared, and Dr. Hannah Morgan Clinical Director and GP Lead for our new Network of Elms, Waterside, Emsworth Medical Practices, is very keen indeed to have discussions with residents and local groups in order to find how we can work together for everybody's better health. Please note: this is a very new scheme so it's important not to be cynical and to make the most of what we are being offered. For those who did not attend the Meeting, it was certainly not what many had expected.

Dr. Morgan is keen to learn what local people's priorities are in order to facilitate better resources and focus. The audience suggested the following to Dr. Morgan for her to consider as key for promoting/sustaining/encouraging good health at all ages: the quality of our environment; better links between our Primary Care Network and HBC & HCC for planning, resources and communication; all schools (in order to share good health practice and this would surely link to their families); Cycle Hayling reiterated the need for better cycling tracks for everyone's health benefit; Hayling's 2 active Community Centres for meetings and making contact with as many groups based there as possible. The Presentation is availabel from HIRA (via our contact form) but the Meeting was much more about Dr. Morgan wanting suggestions/ideas from the local residents and businesses/employers. You can either email your ideas to or hand them in to the Elms Practice, in an envelope marked PCN - there should be a box for the purpose.

Concerns/questions raised by the audience also covered:

The pressing need for Hayling's need for week-end/after-hours medical assesssment provision, given its demographic and about 2000 seasonal visitors annually.

Dr. Davis explained that the Network's current out of hours (following a 111 call referral) practices are Waterlooville and Petersfield but these arrangements will soon be phased out, so could GP/nursing replacements come from retired people? Such ideas or others need to be explored. Importantly Dr. Morgan emphasized that Hayling currently has no problem recruiting necessary medical staff given our attractive region, but it is important we do all we can to keep it that way. Her concern is how to make best use of resources and to engage the public fpr everyone's mutual benefit.

What should be our 'target population' for health focus: the invisible (to medical staff)? super-attenders (with many problems)? other?

How do we keep people healthy? How can we involve those living locally with the expertise to help this health programme?

ALL your ideas and questions to Dr. Morgan as above please. Don't leave it to someone else to do, you have an opportunity so make the most of it!

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