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Sinah Field Development

Please read and make any Comments you wish to make by Friday August 9th 2019 whether or not you have commented before, this is a new application APP/18/00724 found in HBC, Planning, Search & Comment online or at Hayling Library online:

Points to note:

1) SWHayling have produced a poster/leaflet available at Hayling Print, 66B Elm Grove or email A3 waterproof @ £3 each A4 quality paper @30p each.

2) Of interest may be 12-7-19 June 2019 Additional Transport Assessment Reconsultation Technical Note Part 1: 1.2 paragraph 2 in which it is now stated that:

"The Hayling Island Transport Assessment was published in January 2019, however, following a review members deemed this document unsound and therefore further works are required which are understood to be due for submission in October 2019." Please note that Hayling's Infrastructure Advisory Group continue to press its Chairman, Cllr. Tim Pike, for a meeting before this date so that we can view and contribute to the outcome of the Council's Transport Assessment review so that we residents are not, again, provided with a 'done deal'.

3) HIRA has already published on this website warnings re windfall implications which can be summarised as:It is essential that residents take on board that this particular proposal represents approximately 10% of all the development likely to occur on this island in the next 17 years including "surreptitious" "windfall" developments. The Council do not count nor does it consider how cumulative building affects our infrastructure and so our infrastructure will be incapacitated and overwhelmed in a stealthy way.

4) Consider the likely vehicle ownership let alone movement on a daily basis: where will the residents work, what about safe transport for cyclists, school children, and, since it appears to be usual Councils' policy not to build Pelican or other safe crossings until sufficient mortality numbers, what likelihood of safe crossings through the twisting Station Rd with its still narrow pedestrian pavements?

5) Health Centre provisions?

6) Flood Risks continue to be a reality for the Island and won't diminish with time, yet Sinah's Field which could have provided some safe haven in the event of widespread flooding, can provide no such haven. Note Hayling's low topography, 5.10m up to 5.90m AOD reducing to 4.4m ( 22-81-8 Environment Agency Comment) which will be further reduced with predicted sea level rises.

7) Brent Geese: is the suggested Rye Grass feed actually their food? Is it not wheat and isn't their foraging based on agricultural practice which will not now take place in the proposed Refuge - which itself will be expected to reduce in size as the western coastline is to be 'let go'?

Please do take the time to read the Comments, both Consultees', Plans and Public so as to better inform yourself and give you time to consider what your comment might be.

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