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HIRA Audience Grills NORSE Southeast

The majority of those attending our recent AGM put excellent questions for over an hour to NorseSE's Peter Vincent and Bob Bedford. Mr. Vincent made copious notes and promised to follow up every issue. An abiding theme was the need for there to be supervisory follow-up of NorseSE's staff re their work on Hayling so everyone should be sure to bring to Mr. Vincent's attention, by email or letter, any future concerns they may have. Recycling and Waste Management is very clearly a hot topic that we neglect at our peril: Havant only recycles around 30% of its waste rather than the 50% national target already achieved in many areas. A member later highlighted that 2 days later Sunday Politics BBC South featured what NorseSE had said at our Meeting: Household Waste Recycling starts at 14:20 minutes copy & paste if the link does not work for you.

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