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Cabinet Meeting Wednesday

Urgent: HBC Cabinet Meeting is this Wednesday June 3rd 2pm . There is a link on that page to 'follow the meeting' which is explained below. If after reading this you have more questions please contact "James Harris - Deputy Democratic Services Team Leader - 01730 234098 This meeting is audio only. Participants will be able to listen to the debate but not see the speakers."

Having spoken directly with James Harris I can relay the following to you:

1. Re your attendance: you can listen in (no video) by clicking on the above website 'Follow the meeting', & HBC has Skype for Business, subsystem Skype for Broadcast for which the public only needs a web browser. A recording will be available for listeners afterwards or obtain it from James Harris as above.

Re delegations: in writing (eg email) by 4pm TODAY but this may be postponed because a relevant document for the meeting has not yet been published (explained below). Contact James Harris for further information.

2. Agenda Items of main interest for the public:

Cabinet discussion on how to proceed with Virtual Meetings - this is the first one;

Statement re 2019/20 Provisional Revenue & Capital Outturn;

Approval of Digital Strategy;

Proposed Land Transaction to Facilitate a Mitigation Plan to ensure Future Development can be Nutrient Neutral. NOTE: the latter is apparently directly related to Warblington Farm. This key report, yet to be published for this Wednesday's Agenda item, is of great interest to the local community both adjacent to it & further distant. It has not been published in sufficient time for deputations to be made. Also many of the scrutiny meetings on nitrate neutrality were held in private. Therefore people may wish to write in to your Councillors to complain about a) the lateness of the Warblington Farm Report preventing proper time for Wednesday's deputations b) the lack of public communication and participation in relation to HBC's discussions on nitrate neutrality issues and policy making. Both of these matters affect public and therefore stakeholders' participation.

We are all aware of the consequential problems of simply permitting 'credits' for a Council: its simplistic approach ignores the fact that nitrate leaching from farmland into the harbours occurs over many years & usually percolates through the soil and substructures, yet there appears to be no study of the effects of nitrates run-off from building developments followed by home and vehicle ownership. Also communities are frustrated that any mitigating 'wilding' occurs far from the local development affecting them. The News article last week apparently reported that 'Replicating this on a larger scale could eventually lead to permissions for up to 12,000 homes being granted'.

Further documents on the Nitrates issue available from

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