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Local Plan Cabinet Decision July 1st

Relevant extracts from David Hayward's reply to Anne Skennerton's email requesting information:

Cabinet will be considering changes to the Local Plan [Changes to Pre-Submission Local Plan 25-03-2020 available from HBC] at its meeting on 1 July. This would essentially be the same report that was due to be considered on 25th March with tweaks due to changes in circumstances (eg there’s now no local government election purdah period).

If the Cabinet approve the item, it would then need to be considered at Full Council though there’s no date for that meeting at this point. If approved by Full Council, then there would be a consultation regarding the legal compliance and soundness of the proposed changes. This wouldn’t override the consultation that took place in early 2019 – both would be reported to the Inspector and all representations received included alongside the submission of the local plan to the Secretary of State.

Deputations are of course permitted, they would need to be submitted in writing to . [HBC] use Skype For Business for meetings at the moment, there’ll be a link published so that [the public] can listen to the meeting (video is not included in the public broadcast).

The Cabinet papers will be published a week beforehand as usual. The Local Plan item will be a public item so the entirety of the papers and discussion will be public.

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