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All Change: Ward Boundaries!

Have your say on new ward boundaries! Consultation closes Monday July 18th. Proposals include cutting Havant's ward number from 14 to 12 with 3 councillors for each ward "to better represent the electorate". The Local Government Boundary Commission published a draft on its website. Urgent: read the proposals and make your comments. Note: click to show either or both of existing & proposed Havant boroughs; click on each proposed ward for current & forecast populations listed beneath the map for each of a) Hayling West (includes Northney) & Langstone (south) under 8,000 b) Hayling East 8,000 +. It appears that the proposed boundaries are tailored on population numbers to justify 3 councillors. Is this reasonable considering the very different elements of the proposed wards and not only for Hayling East & West? Make your comments. Please encourage anyone you know not on the internet to request alternative comments via our Council who have advertised this consultation, together with their other news & offers, on their Serving You E newsletter!


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