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Deadline Fathoms Reach Consultation

Deadline November 16th for 'consultation' by Taylor Wimpey regarding their proposals for 49 new homes on Fathoms Reach, off Manor Rd., West Hayling. Important Note: read the attached Havant Borough Council Planning Dept. letter to HIRA explaining the 'consultation':

"For the avoidance of doubt, this is an informal public consultation being led by the developer. Having checked the website, comments can be submitted up to 16th November. In terms of who was consulted, you may wish to contact the agent/developer directly – details of which can be found on the left hand side of the following web address:

For the avoidance of doubt and as far as I’m aware a formal planning application has yet to be submitted at this point, but we would generally encourage developers to seek the views of the local community in formulating their proposals (in line with the principles in our Statement of Community Involvement). Paragraphs 4.1-4.6 of that document set out the publicity which would normally be undertaken for such applications.

In relation to your second question, [I had reminded the Council that some Fathoms Reach residents claimed a few years ago that, when they purchased their then new homes, they were told no homes would be built on the adjoining undeveloped area] that is likely to relate to a covenant on the land as opposed to any policy constraint or designation. As such, it would be a private legal matter."

You might check with suggestions online as to how new properties should be better built to standards protecting families from: climate changes; improved energy efficiency; fast-charging points for electric vehicles. Developers should be held to these essential higher standards to future proof new homes.


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