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Don't Delay: Act Now!


First a reminder of the serious flaws in the Consultation on changes to Current Planning Policy & Regulations

Second a negative template suggested that you can use or alter according to your views

BUT the very least that you, your neighbours and friends on Hayling must do is to

1. SIGN CPRE Petition

2. take the time to write your views with reasons to the 2 email addresses provided.  Please share & encourage others to email plus sign the petition against this Consultation ASAP.

First: The new Government Paper, Consultation due Oct. 1st, uses a new algorithm to calculate the revised housing targets for all of the areas of Hampshire.  As you will see in the Consultation Document on page 14, para 30 (see: )  the new formula can only be understood by someone with the experience and has access to all of the base housing and population data.  Fortunately, we have friendly organisations who have done this on your behalf, including CPRE.

Their analysis says the new growth plan will:

1.Increase the HBC Local Plan housing target (out to 2037) from 8,568 to 16,354, and the Hayling percentage from 1,300 to 2,485.

2.This represents a population increase of 39,249 for the Borough as a whole, and 5,964 for Hayling Island (close to a 30% increase.)

Our Borough is expected to absorb an increase larger than any other in Hampshire, and in fact Fareham, Gosport, Portsmouth and Southampton have reductions.  Only Winchester has a higher target.

This growth target does not end in 2037.  It is planned to continue at this rate indefinitely until the Government says STOP. 

It means that the HBC Local Plan is meaningless.  The only way to subscribe to this approach is to stop this ‘fill the gaps’ Barratt-type blanket coverage, and to move to a high-rise urban town building model with a new road infrastructure, new rapid transit, new schools, new primary health care and hospitals, and new drainage and utility networks. 

For us on Hayling, in addition to the requirements listed above, we will have to support a further 33,285 Havant mainland residents who could choose to travel over the bridge to visit the major leisure facilities on the Island.  And where are the new 5,964 Hayling residents going to work? 

If Havant Borough Council is compelled to follow these changes, it will destroy our community.  It is madness and unsustainable. 

We all need to respond to this consultation by the 1st of October, so attached is a negative response email which you can copy and paste into your own email.

ACTION: Please offer further support to CPRE by signing and forwarding to others their petition on


Second: Please feel free to change the template below in any way you think fit.  It’s not important HOW you say it … it’s important that you do write something and register your protest.  You could use elements of my previous email to make the email/letter below more your own.

Email to:

Cc to:  Alan Mak MP


I am concerned for the future of Hayling Island, Hampshire, and I wish to make the strongest possible objection to the changes to the current Planning System (ref:  page 14, para 30.)

Almost doubling the housing growth for Havant Borough Council and Hayling Island to the highest rate in Hampshire renders the current Local Plan inoperable.  Hayling Island is already close to the limit on all of the key infrastructure services.  Adding 30%, or 5,964 new residents to the population, will strain the infrastructure beyond its limits.    We recognise that the Government do not see this as a limit, and call for this growth rate to continue indefinitely.  The A3023 (the only road/bridge to Hayling Island) is running at 85% of its flow/capacity now, and will grind to a halt.  There are no economic options to increase this capacity.  The addition of 33,285 residents on the Mainland will further overload the infrastructure/road network as the Island is the primary leisure destination for the area.

These changes to the current planning system are dangerously flawed and are unsustainable for Hayling Island.

Name: Address: email:


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