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Tomorrow Deadline!

Tomorrow 21st deadline for your online or hard copy responses/opinions re Sea Front Ambition: survey link (then click on the Ambition title at the top). If you attended an Exhibition, leaving a post-it, importantly you STILL need to write in your views: post-its may give brief ideas but are no substitute for writitng in signed opinions. Essentially you MUST urge others, including those not on email, to write in too - I'm assuming they can obtain hard copy details from HBC Plaza if needed. Cllr. Satchwell assures us that whilst 21st a is a 'work in progress'. Important to save copy of your response plus write in to AND Cllr. Satchwell with any criticisms/problems re the Survey etc. If you write/say nothing then 'silence can mean consent'. Numbers of individual responses COUNT!


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