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Updated: Effluent Treated Drinking Water

Following questions raised at the Hayling Talk last week Tracey Viney & Bob Comlay have updated the community website [Havant Matters link below] adding information on;

  • The alternative options

  • A list of environmental concerns

  • Made it clear what we meant by the drivers.

Suggested text to share, or adapt to meet your needs, or put on your own spin.

We urgently need your help, and for you to share this information with as many people & facebook groups as you can.

Southern Water are running a new public consultation on their plan to recycle final effluent from Budds Farm Sewage Works at a new Water Recycling Plant in Havant, pump it up to Havant Thicket Reservoir for storage, then pump it more than 40km to their Otterbourne works. The recycled water will reach the taps of most Southern Water drinking water customers in Hampshire and Portsmouth Water customers who will be supplied with mixed water from the reservoir. Many customers have lots of concerns about this unsustainable scheme which risks significant damage to the environment. In 2022 48% of respondents rejected effluent recycling but Southern Water are ploughing ahead regardless.

We urgently need you to look at the website links below where you can find out more about the concerns related to this expensive, energy intensive solution, which will have adverse impacts on Langstone Harbour, the Solent, Havant Thicket Reservoir and the 6 pipeline routes needed. Then please respond to the consultation & do email them.

You do not need to complete the long Southern Water online consultation form, you just need to use the email link provided on the website to tell Southern Water that you are concerned, what aspects concern you most, and that you feel more sustainable alternatives should be investigated and developed before effluent recycling. Your email could just be a couple of paragraphs. Southern Water have to take every email received into account no matter how short.

We hope that everyone will be concerned about the risks to Langstone Harbour from developing on the contaminated landfill site at Broadmarsh (Harts Farm Way) and demand in their response that this site be rejected as the location for the Water Recycling Plant in Havant.

  • Introduction page

  • For the list of key concerns and details of how to respond to the consultation.

  • More information and the response to Frequently Asked Questions can be found at:

  • Information on the alternatives at:

  • Information on the environmental concerns at:

I hope that this will provide you with enough information to understand the concerns and make a response to the consultation by emailing Southern Water. Consider copying your email response to your MP and prospective candidates.

Letters or hardcopies by post to: FREEPOST HAMPSHIRE WTWRP CONSULTATION

The closing date is 23 July 2024, we need everyone who is concerned about the impacts to respond asap.

Please share details of the consultation and concerns with friends, families, social media groups etc.

If anyone has questions not answered by the webpages they can be sent via the Havant Matters website, contact us page.


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