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Make Your View Count: New Housing Plan Consultation

September 9th is the deadline for your opinions so remember to back up what you write with facts. Our first post provides the email and hard copy addresses. You may wish to take some of the following points into consideration if they apply to you:

  • In 1985 Technical Reports on the A3023 found it was already taking far in excess of the traffic load originally expected and no improvements have been made since.

  • Currently Langstone Bridge takes an annual average daily flow of 25,000 vehicles but the Highways Agency figures show it should only take 13,000.

  • Provision for cyclists on the A3023 is hazardous despite the importance of commuter and recreational cycling to the Island and region.

  • It is unacceptable that we have no clear Emergency Access Plan in the event of Langstone Bridge damage and dangerous that coaches have been re-routed onto West Lane if the A3023 is blocked.

  • Utilities and Pumping Stations were built for a fraction of the current population.

  • New residents have been told that our current Medical Practices are full. How long is your standard waiting time to see a GP?

  • An increasingly ageing population drives the plan but recent proposed development make no provision for their cars, mobility scooters, nursing and other services.

  • Exactly what proportion of new development is dedicated to provide existing local people with affordable housing?

  • Proposed developments are in greenbelt and not the brownfield sites which should be used first.

  • The Objectively Assessed Housing Need (OAN) 2016 update paragraph 1.8 states that housing policy is a calculation that does not take into account environmental, policy constraints such as greenbelt nor infrastructure considerations and Councils need to consider the impact on these before deciding on their housing requirement:

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