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Beware Scams!

Please could you make sure any vulnerable people out there are aware we have got some problems on the Island. These scams all occurred since Christmas. Contact number below for leaflets to distribute.

Scam 1. A couple of guys going around who are knocking on the doors of vulnerable people and stating they notice there is a roof problem and that they can fix it for them before the bad weather which would make it a lot worse and more expensive. It is a rip off. Unfortunately the rogue traders are plausible and have already managed to get some money. Please make sure that your elderly and vulnerable friends do not fall for this. An elderly female paid £2,500 to get roof repaired.

Scam 2. A person pretending to be a representative of the Bank contacts the vulnerable person usually by phone and explains someone is attempting to get money from their account so please could the victim take out a large some of money and (usually) a courier will come and collect the money and safely deposit it for you. They tell the victim to keep this a secret as the police or loved ones maybe involved. The alternative to this is to tell the victim to keep it safely in the house - of course the scammers come back, break in and steal the money. An elderly male paid £3500 to a courier after phone call stating police were investigating a bank and he had to transfer his money.

Scam 3. A person pretending to be from BT contacts the victim with information that their internet has been hacked and is insecure, the scammer offers a so called reputable company to put things right. Elderly female paid £8,000 to get internet fixed.

If you can get ANY descriptions, car numbers or whatever please tell the police, crime stoppers or ring me on 02392 464391 if you prefer.

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